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Managed Cloud Services

You can be part of the cloud revolution without being an expert yourself or investing time in learning all the cloud technologies. Managed cloud services offer you an opportunity to avail the services of cloud infrastructure experts without having to invest time and money in learning those technologies.

Benefits of moving to cloud

  • Reduced operating costs and capital expenditure
  • Increased security, scalability, and reliability of infrastructure
  • Supports existing legacy applications with fully managed support of operating systemss
  • Improved performance with greater business agility
  • Customize solutions and infrastructure specific to your IT environments
  • Improved collaboration among your team and that of your IT resources
  • Better disaster recovery

  • Why managed-cloud services?

    1. Cost savings

    By outsourcing your cloud managed services, you greatly reduce the costs related to staffing multiple full-time specialists like network engineers, system administrators etc. Staffing a full-time IT department is expensive and often unnecessary for small to medium-sized businesses. Managed cloud services help you save on those unnecessary costs.

    2. Future-proofed technology

    Migrating to a cloud services allows you to future-proof your IT infrastructure. The cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services frequently invest in keep their infrastructure up to date with latest technologies and with managed services, the cloud technicians are already prepared to manage these latest technologies.

    3. Disaster recovery

    Cloud services vendors offer proven redundancy and resiliency to maintain business continuity. Cloud managed services providers rely on these vendors (like AWS) so your data will be safe and secured across all cloud services and applications. In the event of a disaster, your business and operations can continue with minimal downtime.

    4. Faster response times

    With managed cloud services, you can expect faster response times to the issues your business faces and we ensure that each issue is dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

    5. Vendor interfacing

    With Managed cloud services, we do the vendor interfacing and fully take charge of your infrastruture, contacting third-party vendors to resolve the issues faced by your business.

    Still not sure, or have questions?

    Have a chat with our project manager

    Not all businesses necessarily need to move to cloud. In some cases, it is better to stick to the conventional shared hosting providers. If you will like a free consultation to advise you whether you should move to cloud (or not) please reach out to us using the link below.

    One of our project managers will get in touch with you via email to understand and get the feel of your needs. The manager will then assign a technical person to hold detailed discussions with you to determine the best solution that meets your needs and provide you an estimate of the project cost so you can decide if you are will like to offer us the opportunity to work with you.