What is Domain Name?

Each computer that is a part of the internet is identified by a unique address which we call it’s internet address or more prominently, Internet Protocol or IP address, like

Each of these 4 blocks of numbers separated by dots can range from 0 to 244. You can imagine the complexity of the IP address and how difficult it is to remember, specially when you have hundreds of IP addresses to remember. To solve this problem, domain names were invented.

A Domain name is an easy-to-read AND remember textual form that can be associated to a particular Internet Protocol (IP) Address. For example, www.wanttohost.com

Our IP address is associated with this domain name. So whenever anyone has to visit our website, they don’t have to play the number game to recall that particular IP address which we are associate with. Simply remember www.wanttohost.com, i.e our domain name and type it in the web browser. You will be automatically taken to our website.

Automatically? Really? No, actually it’s no magic. There is a process behind this called “resolving” or “mapping” of domain names to their respective and unique IP address. This is done by servers which are set up specially for this task and are called Domain Name Servers (DNS).

14 July 2009 | Domain Names | Comments

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