What is Domain Forwarding?

When you type a domain name in the address bar, there are chances that you make a mistake. These mistakes are generally in spelling the domain name. To protect their brand, companies usually registry such wrongly spelled domains that their users might type. These wrongly spelled domains are “redirected” to the main domain. This redirection is called domain name forwarding. Domain forwarding is also used for domains with different extensions like .com, .org, . net etc.

And when this redirection is for a url, then it is called url redirection or url forwarding.

For example, www.wanttohost.com is our primary domain. We may secure our brand by buying www.wanttohost.org and forwarding it to www.wanttohost.com which is our primary domain name. We may also consider, www.wantohost.com (note the missing T after ‘www.want’).

14 July 2009 | Domain Names | Comments

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