What are Linux and Windows variants of web hosting?

Web you buy web space, you actually buy (actually not buy, you rent it) physical space on a hard disk that is located on remote, powerful computer called Web Server. It is just like a normal computer, but with high end, power configuration like huge RAM, high speed internet link, 2 or more processors etc.

Just like your desktop pc, and Operating System is required to run this server, and based on what operating system is installed, we get the variants. So a linux web hosting server has a variant of linux installed on it (like RedHat, CentOs etc.) while a Windows web server has Microsoft Windows installed on it.

Windows servers are generally costly because as you know, Windows is a proprietary software while Linux is an open source. Further there are softwares that areĀ  required on Windows servers which again are proprietary while Linux serversĀ  ususally have open source softwares which makes them less costly comparing Windows.

29 July 2009 | Web Hosting | Comments

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