What are Expired domain names?

Domains names are booked for minimum of one year. When the validity period of your domain ends, the domain expires.

Depending upon your domain registrar, there is grace period in which you can again book the expired domain which varies from 1 day to a couple of months. After this initial grace period, the domain is added to the pool deleted domains with the registrar. This again depends on the registrar. During this period the status of domain name is referred to as “pending registrar delete”.

No one can book the domain name except you until this second grace period expires. Once this period ends, the domain is sent back to registry and added to the pool of available domain names. At this stage, anybody can book the domain name.

Please note that the span of initial grace period and the second grace period vary from registrar to registrar, and in some cases on the domain reseller. Some of them may choose to not to provide any grace period at all.

14 July 2009 | Domain Names | Comments

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